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David Fithian, The Question Man, Oil on canvas, 24x24, 2011.jpg

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Welcome to Fithianart

  "Staying fluid - moving forward - making new works and     documenting a lifetime of creative endeavor - is my mission."  

     David Fithian


This website is designed to give anyone who is curious or interested - a visual idea of my continuing lifelong creative journey. The drawings, paintings, photography, and poetry are  an informal invitation to get acquainted with a rather eclectic body of work.


I also offer a fine art packing/shipping and art installation service along with ongoing Drawing and Painting classes - workshops - and presentations.    


Thank you for visiting this website!!! - Contact me at 386  785  7966 or for more information or with any questions about potential sales. - df 

VITAL  INFORMATION  FOLLOWS: exhibits - classes - updates - projects - selected archives - website gallery

Works in Progress 
From the "
Faces and Places - In Space" Series


This exhibit will be on view at Art Center Sarasota - October, 2024 - Stay tuned for updates

who recently aquired these and other works from the
annual 2024 West Volusia Studio Tour 


 All paintings are oil on canvas from the "Coastal Encounters" 

Summer Website Gallery - From the Vast Archives

Orlando, Florida - the 1980's - a selection of six still life watercolors on Arches paper - All are available for purchase - contact me directly for detalils on prices if you are serious - df  




St. Johns River Project 

Promoting River Awareness through the Fine Arts 

"A commercial, environmental and educational concept" 






       "St. Johns River   24 x 24"   Acrylic on canvas                Posters                         T-shirts                    Canvas Totes                     Mugs                                

    Please contact me if you know about a vending  venue related to the

"Nile of America" - and thank you! 

386 785 7966 - 



Previous Venues - April 27 and 28, 2024 
St. Johns River Festival of the Arts
 Historic Downtown Sanford, FL

IMG_0551 (1).jpg

I will be there LIVE with the "Desert Series"

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